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Here is what some of our clients have said about our work:

" Thank you for always doing a great job."  Linda E., Kinston, NC

"No way to thank you your truly amazing, masterful, beautiful work---I am so, so grateful."  Susan D, Little River, SC

"Thank you so much, you are true artisans. Even though I know where the breaks were I cannot find the repair. Excellent job!" Barbara M., San Mateo, CA

...The statue was knocked off a table and broken. My mother was devastated; that was in 1924. I always loved it, even broken. So thank you so much, you did a beautiful job. I cried when I saw it restored. Thank you." Phyllis M, Modesto, CA

"Thank you for making a beautiful memory even more beautiful." Shelby C., Winston-Salem, NC

"Thank you so much! The dishes look wonderful - well beyond my expectations." Sylvia C., Arnold, CA

 "People love the restoration work and can't believe it!" Toby. C., VA

"Thank you for the lovely job you did.  I am so happy!"  Sally S., Durham, NC

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